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hi all my friends !
I'm Mohamed Ghazala ,(Ghazala in Arabic means Gazelle or Deer). I'm Egyptian, was born in Benghazi, north of Libya ..I work as professor assistant at Animation department , at Fine Arts Faculty at Minia University ...I fond of life, sea , people , painting ,drawing ,reading ,traveling , music ( all types of it ),animals , animation !!I fond of listening to Fairouz & Zaki Nassif from Lebanon, ABBA from Sweden,  Khaled from Algeria , the Italian BOCELLI , Elvis ( USA ), the Greek Demis Roussos ,
and  Mounir from Egypt ..
I love also American movies ...
my best actor is Al Pacino . my best movies are" Don Juan De Marco" by Marlon Brando,& "Scent Of A Woman" by Al Pacino .
I wonder how people can live their lives without arts ?!!


My beloved !!
From my childhood , I used to choose my ideal of that time ,, some times it was ( Mickey Mouse )! other times it was (Sinbad) !!After I've grown up ,Later I was obsessed by(Che Guevara)&(Gibran),the best philosopher & author of Lebanon .. The two men were great men in humanity . ..

Life is LOVE !!!!
     "When you love you should not say, "God is in my heart," but rather, I am in the heart of God." And think not you can direct the course of love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course. Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself."
         from book (The Prophet) of Gibran.


why Pastel?
     I finished a nice Portrait of ( Priscilla) daughter of my friend Patricia from Germany and her dog (Kevin), with wide background of Pyramids and the Nile .. I love using Pastel in paint portraits because it's best media in showing the feelings and lovely reagents ... I think Pastel is the nearest colors to the feelings of the artist who use it. because you always use it without any mediators like brushes or knives .. from your hand to the paper directly .. try to play with it and show your feelings.

Do not boost yourself for what you know.

Learn with the ignorant as well as the wise.

The art has no limits,

no artist creates the perfect.

Pthahotep ca 2500 BC.

. True wisdom has less preconceived ideas than the false.

Wise men often doubt and change their conclusions.

Akhenaten ca 1375 BC.

Coming Sooooon

Aswan 2005

What's new ?!!2005-june 30

i just win the first award of animation in

2nd Fayoum International Youth Film Festival 2005

Ghazala  with the Governor of Fayoum

What's the Newest
i just win the first award of Video-Art  in 1st Sakia El-Sawy Cinema Documentry festival 13 July 2005   look...


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